Commands list

The language used here will assume you have read the preceding sections of the documentation.

This section defines Hyle's available properties.


Property Type Default
name string null
comment string null
label string null


Property Type Default
name string null
folder string null
comment string null
selected bool false
label string null
id int or string null
width int 1280
height int 720
pixel aspect int 1
duration int 10
frame rate int 24
color string 000000
layers array null


Property Type Default
type string solid
parent id null
start time int 0
time int 0
in point int 0
out point int 10
motion blur boolean false
3d boolean false
adjustment boolean false
solo boolean false
guide boolean false
locked boolean false
blending mode string normal
track matte string no track matte

Layer Types

  • solid
  • adjustment
  • null
  • light
  • camera
  • text

Track Mattes

  • alpha
  • alpha inverted
  • luma
  • luma inverted
  • no track matte

Blending Modes

  • add
  • alpha add
  • classic color burn
  • classic color dodge
  • classic difference
  • color
  • color burn
  • color dodge
  • dancing dissolve
  • darken
  • darker color
  • difference
  • dissolve
  • exclusion
  • hard light
  • hard mix
  • hue
  • lighten
  • lighter color
  • linear burn
  • linear dodge
  • linear light
  • luminescent premul
  • luminosity
  • multiply
  • normal
  • overlay
  • pin light
  • saturation
  • screen
  • silhouete alpha
  • silhouette luma
  • soft light
  • stencil alpha
  • stencil luma
  • vivid light

Layer Styles

  • drop shadow
  • inner shadow
  • outer glow
  • inner glow
  • bevel and emboss
  • satin
  • color overlay
  • gradient overlay
  • stroke


Property Type Default
anchor point array null
position array null
scale array null
orientation array null
x rotation int null
y rotation int null
z rotation int null
opacity int null

Camera Options

Property Type Default
zoom int 1777.8
depth of field boolean false
focus distance int 1777.8
aperture int 25.3
blur level int 100
iris shape int 1
iris rotation int 0
iris roundness int 0
iris aspect ratio int 1
iris diffraction fringe int 0
highlight gain int 0
highlight threshold int 255
highlight saturation int 0

Light Options

Property Type Default
type string point
intensity int 100
color int ffffff
falloff int 1
radius int 500
falloff distance int 500
cast shadows int false
shadow darkness int 100
shadow diffusion int 0

Light types

  • parallel
  • spot
  • point
  • ambient

Text Layer

Property Type Default
font size int 36
font color array ffffff
stroke color array 000000
stroke width array 0
font string Helvetica
stroke over fill bool false
apply stroke bool false
apply fill bool true
justification string center
tracking int 0

Justification Types

  • left
  • right
  • center

Easing Types

  • in
  • easy
  • out


Property Type Default
feather array null
opacity int 0
inverted boolean false
expansion int 0
path object null

Mask path

Property Type Default
type string null
width int null
height int null
position array null

Mask path types

  • Ellipse
  • Rectangle