Hyle is a new tool that allows you to automate tasks in After Effects quickly and easily. By using a simple and understandable text syntax you will be able to generate and affect content in an efficient and reusable way. Hyle will read through the file or text you feed it and generate content accordingly.


To install Hyle’s core

Download the script and put hyle.jsx in your startup scripts folder.

  • Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\/Support Files/Scripts/Startup
  • OS X: /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2014/Scripts/Startup

To install Hyle’s panel

From the previously downloaded archive, drag hyle-panel.jsx in your script ui folder.

  • Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\Support Files\Script UI Panels
  • OS X: /Applications/Adobe After Effects <version>/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels


Hyle currently only works with english versions of After Effects CS5.5 and higher.

If your After Effects is in another language than english, you can still use Hyle by using this simple technique.

  1. Close After Effects.
  2. Create a empty file named ae_force_english.txt in your documents folder.
    • Windows: C:/Users/[username]/My documents
    • OS X: /Users/[username]/Documents
  3. Open After Effects and it should be in english.

Quick Example

Here's a little snippet to give you a quick taste of Hyle's power.

    - Hyle Demo
    - | compositions
    - name: Hyle Demo
      folder: compositions
        - type: camera
            point of interest:
              expression: transform.position
              expression: "[thisComp.width/2, thisComp.height/2, value[2]]"
                - time: 0
                  value: [0, 0, -1700]
                - time: 2
                  value: [0, 0, -1800]
        - type: light
          name: main light
            position: [640, 345, -655]
            type: point
            color: f4e7e7
        - type: text
          3d: true
          text: Welcome To Hyle's Demo
          font size: 90
        - type: solid
          3d: true
          color: 3a388d
          width: 2000
          height: 1000