Open Sourcing Hyle

Published on May 22, 2015

The day has finally come. Hyle is now open source. Although the code isn't as refined as I would like it to be and it’s still missing a couple of features, I felt like developing in the open was the way to go forward. As stated in the previous post, this project can go as far as the community wants to take it.

Work in Progress

The script is still in an early stage. It still needs work and real situations to be thrown at it in order to mature. But, since perfection doesn't come quickly nor easily, I decided to release it as it was instead of waiting any longer.

The Generator’s First Steps

I’ve been asked many time about the generate feature. The first version is part of the initial release. Many things features need to be added and are currently listed in the roadmap.

Let’s Build This Together

Hyle’s goals are vast and I think it can someday be a great help for many. It is yet just a new begining for it and I wish that we can take it way beyond what it was initially designed for. For this I will need the help of all of those who'd wish to participate by both proposing features on gitter : https://gitter.im/Hyle-Script or submitting pull requests.