Introducing Hyle, a new way to create & share After Effects content.

Published on September 09, 2013

Hyle aims at giving After Effects users more possibilities to interact with this great piece of software. It allows you to generate content from a simple and understandable text syntax and it's designed to be simple enough to be used by anybody but powerful enough for everybody.

What motivated Hyle

Hyle is a solution to two different problems I would encounter on a daily basis.

1. Efficiently starting a project

I tend to keep a rather complex folder and composition structure which helps me stay organized and avoid working in a messy project structure. I use this structure even on the smallest projects to help me move from one project to another without having to search where things are. I sure tried Load project or template at startup script which sure is a good solution and a well designed script. It didn't quite work out for me tho since I often wanted to tweak the structure as I was working on a project. I then created a script (initially called Jase) that would parse JSON to create a project structure of folders and compositions.

2. After Effects, be the CSS to my HTML

Let me explain that one here. I really enjoy working with After Effects and Photoshop, but inserting big amounts of data in both of them is a surprisingly tedious task. I worked in the web design/development before I started animation in which I learned to use tools like Sublime Text to write and edit text at a really good pace. I wished there would be a way to edit data in my text editor while styling, animating, etc. in my Adobe software. Just like web developers do with HTML and CSS, they separate concerns. That's what lead to extending the forementioned Jase into something more powerful that would not be limited to project structure, but instead focus on just generating content from data.

That's what created Hyle. Not much of a frustration that After Effects wasn't doing enought but more of a hope that it could do a little more.

Only just a beginning

Hyle is not yet perfect and still missing many features, but it's working and it's good at what it does. It's in beta right now and will soon be publicly available. There will be frequent updates and improvements when it'll be out. I sincerely hope that Hyle will improve your workflow as much as it already does for mine.

Stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for other annoucements and techniques on how to use Hyle.