Get syntax highlighting with the new Hyle Sublime Text package.

Published on November 25, 2013

Many people have asked about the syntax highlighting used in the Article. As mentioned in the [documentation],(http://hyle.io/docs/basic-understandings), Hyle's syntax is similar to YAML’s, therefore, you can use the YAML syntax highlighting when you use Hyle.

Although, Sublime Text YAML package will only highlight .yaml and .yml files automatically, meaning you'd have to constantly go CMD+Shift+P, Set Syntax: YAML.

Custom Hyle Package

A Sublime Text package for Hyle is now available, with automatic syntax highlighting for .hyle files.

Get it from your package manager (recommended)

  • Open the Command Pallete (CTRL+Shift+P or CMD+Shift+P).
  • Type \"Install Package\" and hit return.
  • Type \"Hyle\" and hit return.

Get it from Github

You can get the package over at Github. You will find the manual installation instructions there.

Improvements will come

The package is really simple for the moment as it is only a fork of the YAML package. More features such as autocompletions and Hyle specific syntax highlights will eventually be added. Also, feel free to contribute!