Answering Questions: “Can Hyle work the other way around and generate the script from an actual projet?” Not yet, but it will.

Published on November 04, 2013

Hyle has officially launched today on aescripts + aeplugins and it has been an amazing launch. The script was really well received and seems to have piqued the interest of many After Effects users. Although many questions were raised in the comments and the emails I received. The main big question was “Can Hyle work the other way and generate the script from an actual projet?”, to which I will answer “Not yet, but it will”.

As you might imagine, Hyle is a fairly complex script but it has been built with this feature in mind. So, yes it is coming. It will be part of the next major release. You can have a look at this quick roadmap I have created to see what is coming up. This is really just an overview of what's coming and many more features will be added to it. As you can see, the \"Generate\" function is planned for version 2.0, which should be finished in a couple of months.

This is really motivating to see that users want more from Hyle and wish for it to become something bigger and more complete. Thanks again to all of you for the questions and suggestions and I will work to get these features ready as fast as possible.